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Are you a Hardware Store, Lumber Yard, or Flooring Store looking to up you’re offering in the flooring and dooring department?

Become a distributor of Randall Manufacturing products and experience the service, quality, and improved sales Randall Manufacturing brings to your store’s flooring and door hardware section.

Product Assortments and Displays

We offer a comprehensive assortment of products in planograms from as small as 2 feet assortments all the way to 20+ feet assortments. Our Made in America line which boasts many unique to Randall transitions and moldings is guaranteed to outperform your current assortment of the same footage, if it doesn’t, we will buy the whole assortment back! But we won’t have to, because unlike Frost King or MD assortments which are repetitive and redundant, we fully utilize the valuable space in your store to provide a large assortment of problem-solving profiles in a small space. Randall Manufacturing’s assortments are filled with A+ items all solving different flooring and door problems. Instead of giving you products that fill the same need we offer a variety of unique products that offer different solutions to your customers’ dooring and flooring needs. 

Above are example of exclusive to Randall molding profiles, from left to right, the W-1248-U, a ¾” overlap reducer 3 ½” wide, the W-1220-U, a 4.5MM overlap edging for vinyl and laminate flooring 1 3/8” wide, and the W-1228, a 3/8” overlap reducer 2 ¼” wide.

Many of our items you can find a lesser quality replacement for in other assortments, but besides quality what separates Randall’s line is the amount of unique top selling items no other manufacturer has. Items such as Randall’s series of large overlap reducers, or our vinyl tile overlaps, are tremendous sellers, and will get your customers coming back to your store because unlike Frost King and MD, our product isn’t in the big box stores. Your store will become known as the go-to spot for flooring and door hardware with contractors, handymen, and homeowners alike when you stock Randall products.

Above is a picture of our 10 FT planogram. Base planograms are available in 4 FT, 6 FT, 8 FT and 10 FT sets and compose of our top selling and core products in the molding, door stop/sweep, and threshold categories.

Our typical base assortment also contains the standard items usually found in a dooring and flooring hardware assortment, such as door sweeps, door stops, thresholds, and wood and aluminum carpet bars. We typically suggest at least 8 or 10 FT as a base assortment but for smaller stores we have 4 FT and 6 FT planograms as well. What sets Randall apart on these items is the fact that they are all USA MADE and the quality of the items. For example, on our door sweeps you will notice we use a thicker gauge of aluminum to make a more durable product, our vinyl on our sweeps and stops is thick and high quality guaranteed to last.

We utilize newly designed state of the art racking which includes product information inserts that show the item name, UPC, price, barcode, and picture of each item that corresponds to the slot that each item goes into. Along with isle signage that designates our USA MADE line and lets customers find our section easier.

Above is our Anodized Structual Aluminum Planogram, which comes in 2FT and 4FT assortments. All the structurals in this assortment are clear satin anodized, and see an average sale increase of over 100% when replacing a mill finish assortment of the same footage with Randall’s anodized assortment.

Randall Manufacturing has dedicated sales reps that are direct employees of Randall to help you decide what selection and planograms are best for your store, as well as information on special deals. Randall reps can go into your store and set up the Randall planogram for you. After it is set up they can take orders and organize the Randall section on visits to your store as well as help in anyway you need through email and phone calls. Please feel free to reach out to our New Account Manger Allan Russ at and he will help get you started and connect you to a rep in your area.

Large Quantities and Bulk Purchasing

If you are a contractor or other business looking for bulk quantities of any item we can quote the quantity you need. Special pricing typical starts at 50+ pieces of the same item and are at a significant discount compared to the suggested list price. Please contact Kurtis Tinfow at for pricing on bulk orders.