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Randall Manufacturing Co.,
Inc Manufacturing Overview

At Randall we take our product quality and manufacturing standards very seriously. We manufacture many of our products from scratch in house and virtually all our products undergo manufacturing in our Newark, NJ facility.

For our line of oak moldings and wood door stops we get in raw poplar and raw red oak from different raw lumber producers across the country and all species we use are grown, harvest, and dried in the USA. We only use the highest-grade FAS lumber. Once the raw lumber arrives at our facility it is measured, separated based on length, and then planned and cut to size creating wood “blanks” of certain sizes. We then take the wood planks and run them through different molding machines depending on what particular molding we are manufacturing. After coming out of the molding machine the molding then has installation holes drilled and is run through a painting machine depending on the desired finish of the molding and we have a finished product! The moldings are then brought to a different area of our facility where workers package each item while looking the item over for any defects that may have been missed during the manufacturing.

We also manufacture a wide range of aluminum products ranging from aluminum angle, bar, tubing, and channel to aluminum carpet transitions and thresholds of different colors and sizes. We work with different USA located extruders who extrude our required shapes to the specifications we require. Once we get the aluminum shapes in hand we cut to size, punch holes, and finish the material. For example one such finish on the aluminum carpet bars is a “hammered” or textured finished that is very popular. To achieve this desired look, we have a customized machine that we run each piece of aluminum through that applies the hammered finish by striking the aluminum thousands of times with metal teeth before being smoothed out with thousands of washers to ensure the piece is nice and smooth. Below you can see the before and after the hammering process to an aluminum carpet bar.

We also use an anodizing process to color the aluminum to the desired color, for example gold is a very popular color for the carpet bars so we will anodize the aluminum to achieve that color. We anodize in numerous different colors including satin gold, bright gold, clear satin, dark brown, dark bronze, and black. Different colors and finished come in and out of style over time so we are always updating the finishes and colors of the products we offer to keep up with the latest trends. Below is a picture of the same product in a gold color.
For aluminum door sweeps and door stop sets once we have the finished piece of aluminum, we then attach the corresponding vinyl, bulb, or brush. We have several different processes that attach the weatherstripping component to the aluminum piece. For example, on one of our more popular products we have a custom machine that threads the aluminum bulb into the aluminum holder continuously.

We believe in sourcing everything we can from USA companies so even our plastic shrink wrap packaging or bags come from USA suppliers, along with all of our packaging material. Once the finished material is packaged and labels/bagged its is put into bins where order pickers can pick and pack orders to hardware stores and direct to consumers across the country.