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KP 6X34

KP 6X34


Kick Plate KP 6″ x 34″

Door Kick Plate KP 6" x 34"

Transform your door's aesthetics and safeguard its base with our versatile Kick Plate KP 6" x 34" from Randall Manufacturing. Designed to fit any door type, this kick plate is available in a variety of colors and sizes within our brand, offering a perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal.

Satin Silver Finish for Lasting Elegance:

Crafted with precision from high-quality heavy gauge aluminum, our kick plate features a stunning satin silver finish. This not only adds a captivating shine to your door but is also engineered to withstand the normal wear and tear of daily use without succumbing to harsh fading.

Effective Door Protection Against Scuffs and Scratches:

Say goodbye to unsightly scuff marks and scratches on your door. Our kick plate serves as a reliable shield, preserving the pristine look of your door while adding a touch of sophistication.

Convenient Mounting Holes for Effortless Installation:

Our door sweeps come equipped with pre-drilled mounting holes, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Included matching-colored screws eliminate the need to search for the right screws, guaranteeing a simple and seamless look.

Dimensions (6”x 34”) for a Perfect Fit:

To ensure you select the correct item, measure your door and match it to the appropriate size and color kick plate when placing your order. Each kick plate comes with a protective film, safeguarding your product during shipping and installation.

Order with Confidence and Elevate Your Door's Appeal:

Enhance the appearance and durability of your door with Randall Manufacturing Kick Plate. Order now to experience a simple, seamless, and protective solution that adds both style and strength to your door.

Product Info:

  • Dimension: 6" x 34" Kickplate
  • Color: M - Satin Silver Finish Aluminum
  • Color: G - Bright Gold Finish Aluminum
  • Color: DB - Dark Bronze Finish Aluminum
  • Each Kick plate comes with a protective film

Kick Plate are also available in: 6x30 | 6x34 | 8x30 | 8x34 some colors may not be available for certain sizes.

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Product Specifications

Item Number
KP 6X34-MF
KP 6X34-G
6" x 34"
6" x 34"