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Mini Vinyl Seal Threshold

This Mini Vinyl Seal Threshold 1 1/4" Wide by 3/8" High is a high quality, American made threshold. The threshold comes with pre-punched holes for installation that can find by removing the vinyl.  This is our mini aluminum threshold with high quality vinyl for superior resistance to wear and tear. The threshold is all season protection against draft, dust, moisture and even insects. We included installation instructions in the package making this a very easy installation.

You can use the Vinyl Seal Threshold to create a transition in an interior door way, it will give you a perfect seal under your door and protect your home or business from outdoor contaminants, can be used as threshold or door bottom. It creates a clean desirable aesthetic to any home or business. Before installation, you can cut down the threshold to a desired length by using a hacksaw.


  • 1 1/4" Wide by 3/8" Mini Vinyl Seal Aluminum Threshold
  • Threshold comes with Pre-punched Holes
  • Screws are not included
  • Light Gauge Aluminum recommended for Low traffic Commercial or Residential Use
  • Can be cut down to any size
  • Colors: Mill Finish Silver (MF)
  • Item number: V-5
  • Made by Randall Manufacturing


  • Made of durable aluminum for Light traffic
  • Threshold creates a defined transition between two surfaces
  • Residential or Commercial Use
  • Cut threshold with hacksaw to desired length
  • High Quality Vinyl for Superior Resistance to Wear and Tear
  • All season protection against drafts, dust, moisture and insects
  • Vinyl strips on base provide a weather tight seal against floor
  • 1 1/4 in. W x 0.375 in. H x 36", 48" or 72"


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