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Wood Track For 1/2″

Hardwood Sliding Track Set 1/2"

Experience a smooth transition with our Hardwood Sliding Track Set, ideal for 1/2" thick doors. Crafted from high-quality maple wood, this set includes both top and bottom tracks, ensuring a secure and durable installation. With a total track width of 1 11/16" and each channel measuring 1/2" wide, this versatile system offers impeccable performance.

Aluminum Track Features:

  • High-Quality Maple Wood: Crafted for durability and longevity.
  • Top and Bottom Tracks: Provides stability and ease of use.
  • Optimal Width: A total track width of 1 1/2" with 1/4" wide channels.

Some Uses for the Track Set:

  • Greenhouses: Install sliding doors on greenhouses to control ventilation and access, ensuring optimal growing conditions for plants.
  • Walk-in Closets: Create a stylish and space-saving entry to your walk-in closet with an wood sliding track set.
  • Retail Entrances: Use sliding doors for storefronts to provide an attractive and modern entrance while saving space.
  • Storage Sheds: Secure tools and equipment in outdoor storage sheds with wood sliding doors.
  • Art Galleries: Art galleries use sliding track sets to create movable walls and partitions to showcase various exhibitions.

Enhance your space with our track set, designed to bring convenience and style to your door installations.

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Product Specifications

Item Number
4 FT W-8034
6 FT W-8034
4 FT W-8034
4' x 1/2"
6' x 1/2"
4' x 1/2"